MAY 2014


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    Recently we’ve received an increasing amount of calls for bat removal and I’ve been repeatedly been forced to deliver bad news. Bats are a protected specie in Florida and the laws, rules and regulations involved with bat removal are expansive and strictly enforced. More than any other, however, is in respect to bat maternity season. Between the dates of April 15th and August 15th every year it is illegal for anyone to perform any kind of bat removal service. In these summer months, thousands of baby bats have just been born and are being cared for in their roosts. If bat removal were to be performed successfully, the baby bats would be stuck and left to die, which is a grave offense as well.

    During these months, we can proceed with bat-proofing the rest of your residence and ultimately scheduling the removal of the bats at the end of bat maternity season. This will, at the very least, stop the bats from spreading until August. Unfortunately, until then, there are not bat removal options available to the people of Florida. For more information, visit the Florida Bat Conservancy website at:

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